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Garbage Bins

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Wheeled Garbage Bins

Wheeled Garbage Storage Bins

Easy & Efficient Waste Disposal!

Aquatech Tanks has come out with a highly durable, easy to use and maintain solution to dispose of the garbage at our home, office or other public places. Aquatech's bins have an innovative design, manufactured with extremely durable materials using the latest technology. They are available in a variety of models and various size capacities to best suit your needs. We offer state-of-the-art waste bins which meet all the industry standards and are widely used by industries and other public places such as Municipalities, Airports, Co-operative Housing Societies, Parks. Commercial and Residential Complexes, Hotels and Restaurants etc.

Plastic Trash Bins


  • Environmental Friendly.
  • Long Lasting
  • Easy to use & maintain
  • Safeguards Public health
  • Prevent diseases
  • CAssured safety for workers

Dimensions of Extra Tough Wheeled Garbage Bins

S1 No. Code No. Top Bottom Height
1 ATWB-90L 450 x 450 330 x 330 830
2 ATWB-120L 470 x 470 370 x 370 860
Garbage Storage Bins

Garbage Bins

Easy & Efficient Waste Disposal!

We offer Plastic Garbage bins with D type Lid in capacity up to 100L. The Plastic Garbage bins that we deal in are available in red, green, blue, yellow, orange and grey colors. Special Plastic Garbage bins in specific colors can be made on MOQ based requirement. Typically, all our Plastic Garbage bins are made of best quality plastics and they have both side opening lids, it becomes easy to dispose of waste from both sides. Also, Plastic Garbage bins can be mounted with MS Frame to prevent thefts.

*Tailor made colours will be available

Dimensions of Extra Tough Garbage Bins
  • 40L Plastic Garbage Bins Manufacturers in India
    Code No Top (mm) Bottom (mm) Height (mm)
    ATWB - 40L 320 285 440
  • 60L Plastic Dustbins Manufacturers in India
    Code No Top (mm) Bottom (mm) Height (mm)
    ATWB - 60L 300 250 700
  • 80L Dustbins Manufacturers in India
    Code No Top (mm) Bottom (mm) Height (mm)
    ATWB - 80L 350 300  700
  • 100L Plastic Wastebins Manufacturers in India
    Code No Top (mm) Bottom (mm) Height (mm)
    WBS - 100L 450 350  700


  • Rina Certificate - Aquatech
  • Bureau of Indian Standards - Aquatechtanks
  • Association of Rotational Molders - Aquatechtanks
  • International Certification Network - Aquatechtanks
  • NSIC-CRISIL Performance and Credit Rating - Aquatechtanks